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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Allfaaraa on Raising the Planet

Finally some light shed on taboo topics as Allfaaraa exposes secrets based on scripture.  He says he is An Angel of God and as well as a Demon.  Now at first, one might have a knee-jerk reaction about this sort of thing, but it begs to investigate what he says because of the questions that might not be answered or not suppose to know type of truths that we clamor to wrap our minds around-Allf reveals.
Having been down the 'childhood in the Bible Belt' to teachings of bliss, hamony and oneness, it still has lacking and functionality in the world and our interaction with it.  It's like the uncontrollable pendulum that swings when you find that place of bliss and can't leave the house, only to experience the density as a nauseum and not knowing where you can be alittle scarey.  So the importance in balance is the only way to strive for not polarizing from bliss to pain, the dark and the light, the good and the bad and the understanding why most enlightened people become hermits.
Most interesting in his teachings is that ego cannot be gotten rid of.  You know, that one that gets the rap for all the negative and bad things in life.  Well, if it is true, we create our reality, than this would explain why bad things happen to good people.  In denial of the ego...oh, it will sneak up behind you while you are sitting there in your little bliss bubble and smack you in the back of the head....WAKE UP,  According to Allf, this is the place of the Goo...oneness goo.  This made perfect sense to me.  Even though I have experienced silence of the mind, it can't be maintained in dealing with everyday life, if you are having to take care of kids and homes and's hard to function on this level in the 3d reality.  As long as we are in a world of duality, there is no getting rid of ego....and this brings me to the upgrade of the ego program, because it is a program and we need it to do the rational/logical discernment of things.  But ego is wounded, ego is that shadow side, oh, you may turn on the lights, but there is still a is the thing that pushes you foward thru drama and pain to make you grow and become.....what that is up to you.
Allfaaraa speaks of being a World Karma Server, in that this is what Jesus did for us.  He was the only one who really died for everyone's karma/sin because this system as it is, the Karma wheel, is just a debt system that can never be repaid.  Allfaaraa states this is the only way to get off the karma wheel, is to stand up and be counted, serve to resolve the drama, the karma, the light on the shadows and become!
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