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Friday, September 30, 2011

Cancer treatments in America

There seems to be a big money making business for corporations who promote the old way of 'their cure' for cancer....I recently watched a video on new discoveries for curing cancer and how our government doesn't allow these cures and why....

Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.

Perhaps our government needs to get out of our way and let us cure ourselves if conventional medicene says that we are to go home and die, how about we just be allowed to get our own cures.  We are suppose to be the best healthcare in the world and why they don't allow terminal cancer patients to get these 'forbidden cures' because it obviously effects their money.

My Uncle was on a Navy ship and mopped up Agent Orange, and he got a brain tumor.  He had surgery and the radiation treatments.  He didn't die from the tumor but from the radiation treatments.  He ran away from the veteran's hospital saying they were killing him.  I think he was right.....isn't it time they allow alternative medicene for those who chose not to do the treatment that kills you if the cancer don't?

Just saying...
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