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Monday, September 12, 2011

How do you know when God talks to you?

Well, most think a person is schitzoid if they proclaim to hear a voice talking to them.  I know God has talked to me several times, and it isn't always clear it's him but who else could it be?  It sounds like my voice and certainly is much wiser as it turns out to be right everytime.
It might be in a movie, where someone says something and it stands out to you.   Or a song, that seems like it was written for you, speaks to your heart.
I have had many experiences like's like time almost freezes and you are in timelessness.  Captured by the moment so surreal you can't even mistake it as a coincidence or anything other than a Divine communication.  It's a knowing that you 'just know' so stop and listen to that voice.  When was the last time you heard it tell you the answers to the very questions you have been asking?
One time, I was so low, couldn't figure out why nothing ever works out for me, very distraught about the progress and how hard I had worked to only find it was for nothing.  I asked God "Why is my life so 'f*cked' up and all of a sudden, a song came into my head...."Carry on my Wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done, lay your weary head to rest, Don't you cry no more".  That is when I realized....wait a minute, I wasn't even thinking about music, and didn't expect to hear this song in my head, as if it was playing in the next room or something.  I sometimes wonder how many times a day, I miss the infinite being we call God or Source has tried to communicate with me.
It happens alot, if we just be still and listen.
How has God tried to talk to you  today?

Love, Praise and Gratitude...
Your Muse

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